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Shirley Walker Composer explains her theme for Batman The Animated Show (TAS)

Shirley Walker Composer explains her theme for Batman The Animated Show (TAS)
I loved this lady's woman's work. It is a shame she passed away a few years ago. Her music was always rich with some Elfman-ish chords, but with her own style. Here's the kicker, the theme you hear at the beginning WAS supposed to be the main theme for the show, but either the studio or the producers changed it to the movie theme instead. I personally think the studio forced them to change the theme. In the early stages of TAS, they had different designs for some of the villains. The studio came in and demanded they change the designs to be more like the movies.
I never understood why WB wanted to force this connection knowing full well that the TAS stuff was in a different universe than the movies at the time. Heck, TAS actually bashed the movie universe a few times in later seasons. 
This actually was a diss toward Joel Schumacher

Note the "Shoemaker" sign above his head.  Wow, I never noticed that, thanks YT comments.  Also, someone said that Joel loved his "cameo" in the series and the diss.  He was a fan of the series and used a lot of elements from the show. 
As the show progressed, Walker's team of composers move away from Elfman's style and the show would have its own sound. 

 Here's what the opening would have sounded like with Walker's theme. 
You here the fluttering trumpets from Elfman mix with Walker's theme in this track.
I love this track that displays the Joker's Theme in a playful manner.

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