Friday, November 21, 2014

Random Things: Somber Version

Random Things
New Coke and Old Cosby: Two losing products
~Bill Cosby: I hate the fact there is more and more evidence out there that he has raped many women out there. As a black kid growing up in the suburbs, I looked up to Cosby and his sitcom from the 80s. It showed that a black family didn't have to be from the hood or talk in slang terms. It was a show about educated black people and that meant a lot to me. Now, we're finding out that he's a terrible person, allegedly. I've agreed with him politically in the past about his stance on the black community, but now I have to distance myself from him. He's an asshole. Heck, I share a birthday with this guy. Stop going on tour and go hide away from a while, dude

 ~AC/DC drummer: I was listening to AC/DC on Howard Stern and Stern mentioned that their drummer was caught up in a murder scandal thingy. Phil Rudd supposedly hired someone to kill two people in New Zealand and ended up getting arrested for it. I have to give AC/DC credit for mentioning it and talking about it. They actually found out about his arrest through the news. 

 I've become this...Get off my Internet. 
~Bitter and grumpy: I've gotten more bitter and grumpy over the years and especially over the months. I've found that I don't care about anything anymore and just can't find the energy to care. I kind of miss being that young 19 year old atheist that was political and almost looked at the world with hope. All that is gone. No matter how much you care and how much you put into something you believe, it will turn to complete shit, and you're just better off not giving a shit. Stop trying to change the world and just make the world better for yourself, because it will get worst in the long run. I've watched some of my extended family members start to loose their minds literally, and it has just bummed me out because I can't do anything about it.
I have one uncle that lost the use of his legs and we've watched him become more and more mean spirited and shut in. I have another uncle that has completely let his alcoholism take over his life. Because he gets a free check from the government every month, he doesn't have to clean up to maintain a job. So, he spends our tax money on getting drunk everyday. He even showed up to a treatment meeting drunk! And, he got kicked out.
I have a grandmother that has dementia, she is the mother of these two. She was a proud black woman that ran her own businesses and owned property. Now, she can barely put together two sentences without losing her place. 
I work with a lot of young people.  I see these young people with their bright eyes and hope in everything and I am jealous.  I've completely lost that part of me.  They actually see a future out there for them, and it takes everything in me not to break their spirits.  

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