Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Shockmaster: Well, that was really bad...

The Shockmaster: Well, that was really bad...
Behold, The Shockmaster incident
I only discovered this little gem today on Reddit. This character was supposed to be the total badass WCW guy. The introduction went of the rails once he fell on his ass on live TV. However, it was already doomed when he donned that goofy glittered storm trooper helmet and pimp vest thingy. Why would you even bother wearing that helmet let alone glittering it up?
Oh, how about the fact the Shockmaster also gestures when another wrestler is talking?
And, why did he sound like Dr. Claw? 
  I love reactions from the wrestlers when falls on his ass. “Oh, God.”
Fred Ottman was the guy behind the “mask” and he's done a few interviews about the infamous incident. Some people claim that was a form of sabotage.
From Pro Wrestling, ((Dusty Rhodes later revealed on an episode of WWE 24/7's Legends of Wrestling that the piece of lumber previously wasn't there during a successful practice run and it was later put there by David Crockett without informing Ottman. ))
 The Shockmaster kind of came back.

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