Thursday, November 06, 2014

Fake Roadblock...could have been worst

Fake Roadblock...could have been worst
Yes, I would have freaked out when I saw that guy coming toward me without a cop uniform on. While it is a silly and dangerous ruse to carjack someone, it could work on someone not hip to the game. Most blocks like this have a cop or EMS car with their lights on and not just cones in the street.
Damn this is creepy. I had a guy pull up beside me at a red light and jump out of his car and head toward my passenger side. Luckily, the light turned green and I sped away. I was certain he was going to rob me. That how I felt about this situation. Some of the comments I am reading in the Reddit section have me freaked out too. Damn. This goes on more than I believed.
It looks like people on Reddit found more on these two guys. The cops arrested the cone guys.

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