Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Jennifer Lopez - Booty ft. Iggy Azalea

Jennifer Lopez: Booty
Gentlemen and ladies that like women, let's talk about...booties.  And, I am not talking about those cute shoes/boots.  
First off, I am a black man, so by nature I am completely drawn to women with nice booties. I'm more of a cute face kind of guy, but if she has a nice backside too, more the merrier. I've been a strong proponent for J-Lo's ass for a long time. I truly believe J-Lo's farts can cure globe warming if given a chance. I challenged people to stare and marvel at its greatness. This music video is a tribute to the 9th wonder of the world...her bum.
It seems in the last ten years people have finally come around to the greatness of shapely asses. So much so that women are now getting ass-implants. J-Lo was one of the first that people started to notice.
So, now we have a song that is all about J-Lo's rumpus-max-ous. And, I know people are going to attack her, but I don't care.
The song itself is somewhat bad, but not as bad as most pop songs today. It isn't a good song either. And, clearly this song is supposed to be played in the urban strip clubs. It has that strange Middle Eastern beat and synth-feel to it. Like I wrote, it isn't a bad song at all. And, J-Lo does an okay job, but I didn't need the slight auto-tuning on her voice.
Sure, like her movies, most of her music is shallow and light with a Latin dance flavor to it, and this isn’t different. The song is just about dancing, like all of the rest of her songs, and that's fine. And, I'll let you in on a secret, I actually still sing some of her songs on a regular basis.
Iggy Azalea is annoying and doesn't help the song. Sure, she has an okay booty, but why have her on the song? Her lyrics feel like they were made up on the spot.
And, it is refreshing to see a person with a REAL booty.
Anyway, the song is rather forgettable. If you want to see J-Lo's down-below bounce around, this is the music video. And, she still looks damn sexy too. Black doesn't crack and brown doesn't frown.
Side Note: I J-Lo is also on my nice list because she stood beside her friend Leah Remini when Leah left the stupid space church. Even when things got heated between its members and Remini, J-Lo stood by her.  

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