Monday, October 06, 2014

Sam Pepper is a creepy dick

Sam Pepper is a creepy dick
I like prank videos, but not ones where a douche bag pinched girl's behind. I am all about trolling people and pissing them off. However, touching men or women without consent is wrong, and it is not funny as a prank video.
I can't believe it, but I am completely in agreement with Laci Green, and I hate her a lot, but she's right about him. It is a violation.  I hate when someone taps me on the shoulder or offers me a hug, so any touching is bad to me.  Just looking me in the eye is bad.   So, I can' imagine the way these women felt.  
What is funny is this old video of this guy bashing Pepper actually is right on the money about this prick. He does seem to pick up on some of his younger female fans...allegedly.
Everything about this prick pisses me off. His hipster glasses and his huge hair make me want to walk away from him. He's everything I hate about the new generation of Internet celebrities. 
He looks like the white version of Humpty Hump...without the talent.  

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