Wednesday, October 15, 2014

opinions are like a box of flowers...uh bungholes?

 Despite the fact I agree with some aspects of Gamer Gate, I am actually going to defend Polygon's reviewer Arthur Gies. Gies's review falls under a different category than say gaming journalists reporting on shit, this is just a person writing his opinion. Reviews are someone's opinion nothing more. They range from objective to subjective. As long as the studio or publisher doesn't pay for an opinion, anything goes. You either take that opinion seriously when you're deciding to buy that game or movie or you don't.
Opinions are like assholes, everyone can bury their faces in them. Wait, how does that saying go again? Shit. Where's the delete button?
I've been writing reviews for almost ten years now. No matter what people say, everything that has influenced you in the past does impact how you view a piece of material. Everything effects your view or opinion no matter how objective you are to the piece. That's what opinion pieces and reviews are about. Unlike reporting the news fairly, reviews are the opinion of that writer.
Does Gies have a hangup on the sexualization of Bayonetta? Maybe, but I have my hangups too. Certain movies, such as Oliver Stone movies that I feel completely ruin the movie. I feel Stone destroys his stories with his far left wing views because they take over the narrative. If the over-sexualization ruins the game for him (Partly), that's his own opinion and nothing more. Take that with any grain of salt or poop. This is merely Gies' view, there are so many positive reviews on the damn game that it doesn't matter if Gies gives the game a lower rating. Right now, the game is at 91% on metacritic. That's extremely good for a Wii U game. His review is merely a drop in a larger bucket of water. It really isn't part of the bigger battle going on,
For me, if he has a problem with the sexualization in this game, he should play any of the Dead or Alive or the Ride to Hell games. His head would explode (both heads). Seriously, Ride to Hell has some serious problems with the way it portrays women. Yet, I don't hear many people talking about that game.
Guys, it is just a critic writing a review. If you don't like his opinion, make your own review and counter his when you get the game. We now have the ability to write and record reviews on our own. I really don't see this being a part of the bigger GG thing as some would like it to be.
If anything, this is free advertising for Nintendo and Bayonetta 2. Because both of them need this game to be a hit.

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