Friday, October 02, 2015

Canceled (podcast)

I discovered a new and funny podcast based on TV pop culture. It's called Canceled. I heard the (Chris Cubas) owner of the podcast on Doug Loves Movies and he mentioned his own podcast.
It is an interesting concept for a podcast. Cubas and one of his comedian friends watch every episode of a canceled TV (that lasted one season) show. There are so many failed shows that lasted only one season, and it is interesting to see where they could have gone with the show.
Here are some of the shows he's covered on the podcast.
Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip : I actually loved this show despite its major flaws. And, you can hear the frustration they have with the show. They didn't like when the show lost focus on the show within the show. 30 Rock is mentioned a few times.
Terriers : It is a real shame this show didn't make it. Great show.
Freaks And Geeks : Seen the entire series, but I haven't heard the podcast on these episodes.
Cop Rock

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