Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Ahmed: The Clock King

Ahmed: The Clock King
Cool clock, bro.
Look, I don't really know what to say. I really can't take a side on this issue, because it does seem to be all over the place. It will be troubling to find out this father made his son do it for fame and donations. There seems to be a trend where people stage a racist or homophobic narrative in order to get attention or to get rich. I always hate this type of shit, because it takes away from actual racist or homophobic incidents. Remember the waitress that made up the homophobic note in order to get rich. I am really hoping this isn't the case with this kid and his strange father.
It just feels like the Balloon Boy all over again.
I still think there was an overreaction to the clock though. They shouldn't have arrested him over this shit, but something doesn't add up. However, the video also has a bit of a slant too. The video leans too far right for me to be 100% on board. However, we got too many people cashing in on incidents too.
I just can't take a side in this.
Side Note: There are Halloween costumes made to look like Ahmed. I really hate Halloween. Wearing this outfit will get someone shot. 
When did Halloween become an adult holiday? Knock it off.
Maybe Ahmed Mohamed is the future DC villain Clock King?  Yes, you will grow up to be the worst DC villain. 

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