Monday, October 26, 2015

Small Wonder Kids

If you remember that horrible show Small Wonder, you remember the really bad cast. The thing is the child actors from show what happens after the show ends on both ends of the spectrum.
Tiffany Brissette aka Vicki: She ended up leaving acting and went to college and became a nurse. She seems to have moved away from Hollywood and not become a total asshole like some child actresses.
On the other hand...The fat kid that played her brother ended up with a lot of shit. The TV Guidance Counselor Podcast and they mentioned that other kid ended up in a bad, bad place...literally.

Jerry Supiran: He ended up leaving acting in 89, but here's the worst part. He was a waiter for a while before losing his job. Now, he lives under a bridge...just like a troll.  He is homeless
From Fox, ((Down-on-his-luck actor Jerry Supiran, 39, also claimed a crooked money man contributed to his current situation, living under a bridge in central California, according to The National Enquirer ))

And, he blames a stripper he was dating that stole most of his money. He should have know you never date a stripper. Anyway, this is pretty f'ed up. Maybe, he needs to contact Vicki.  

Well, he could be an extra on Sons of Anarchy.

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