Monday, October 05, 2015

Tumblr: I just can’t understand it

Tumblr: I just can’t understand it
I’ve been blogging for a very long time and I’ve seen the changes in the blogging over the ten years.  I watched the rise and fall of MySpace and beginning of Twitter from the ozzoo. However, something spawned out of Twitter/Facebook womb in the form of Tumblr.
I felt that Twitter took a lot of steam out of blogging, but Tumblr came around and there was a whole new group of bloggers, a bit more self-absorbed. Yes, bloggers like me are already self-absorbed, but Tumblr is a whole new level. It is like a whole new level.
Reading through Tumblr just makes me feel old. I can't believe blogger is the old person's gig. And, why get rid of the “e” in the word tumbler? Is that supposed to be trendy?  


MC said...

Tumblr is for porn.

I think the reason a lot of these sites lose that e is because someone else owns the domains with the right spelling.

After all, Flickr practically was the trope maker for that sort of thing.

Semaj said...

You know you're right. I've stumble across a lot of porn on Tumblr...okay not stumbled, (searched) I've seen a great deal of porn on that site. While there might be a lot of SJW and Men's Rights stuff on there, there might be more porn on there than anything else.

Do we include the Brony Porn?

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