Saturday, October 10, 2015

Game of War: Please stop trying to confuse yourself with Game of Thrones

Game of War: Please stop trying to confuse yourself with Game of Thrones
Every time I see an ad for Game of War, I shake my head. Please stop trying to confuse people into thinking this is a Game of Thrones game. Game of War is such a generic title that has to be the only reason to call it that. It's like calling GTA Game of Carjacking. I know book series that the show is based on came out a long time ago, but the TV came out in April 2011. “Just throw game in the title!”

Yeah, I not complaining about the nudity, but does this remind you of anyone from Game of Thrones that has an empire right now?  
Then there are the annoying ads. I am no Anita, but really, Machine Zone? Boobs are your way to for a strategy game? At least with GTA, there was actual sex and nudity. Here, you keep showing off Kate Upton breasts and her bad acting as if boobs will pop out of your Phone when you win. The ads just annoy me on all levels, and I LOVE sex appeal.
From the Game of War wiki, ((Approximately $40 million was spent on marketing Game of War: Fire Age in 2014.[5] Along with advertisements in digital and social media, highly produced television commercials featuring model Kate Upton were created. The ads highlight Upton's sex appeal as she leads battles in fantasy settings loosely comparable to those in Game of Thrones. ))
40 million, that's a lot of cash to throw around. I guess it paid off. Now instead of watching Upron's boobs bounce around, we will get to see Mariah Carey become the face of Game of War. When I think of strategy games, I think of Mariah Carey. Wait, what?
I've always liked WOW way of marketing their game instead.
BTW, I am sure Carey thought she was doing a Game of Thrones spin off or something...

Yep, let's make sure our logo is close enough to the GOT logo as possible with being sued.  

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