Thursday, October 22, 2015

Slap a Homeless, land in jail

Guy in front of the camera, let me be the first to tell you to “fuck off”. Its people like you that make the black community so fucked up today. We talk about the outside forces that screw up minority/urban areas, but it is little pieces of human shits like that make going to the “hood” unbearable.
Now, I am NOT a huge fan of the homeless folks, mainly because they continue to bother you after you tell them no, but this is inhuman. You know a lot of these people have major mental problems and living bad conditions, they don't need your ignorant ass knocking them out.
When a homeless person gets pushy or shitty, you walk away from them. Don't confront them.  And, why do the thugs sound just as bad as the homeless folks?  What has happened to our education system?  

It also bothers me that, in broken English, the ignorant thugs talking shit after knocking out a 40+ woman. Yeah, you're a real thug, asshole.
Here's the best part. It was posted on Facebook as if to brag about it on social media. It didn't take long for the police to arrest him. And, it gets better. He lunged at a cop in jail and got his ass handed to him just like he did to that homeless woman. Don't take my word for it...
So, now he has two charges on him.  Sadly, I am almost certain this guy didn't have a future to begin with, so I am sure he doesn't give a shit about spending time in jail.  

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