Saturday, October 03, 2015

Random Stuff

Random Stuff
~Donald Trump's popularity finally over? I certainly hope so. I am tired of this puffy/shit haired asshole. There is an hint of constant racism that he feeds on with each speech he makes. While the GOP has some really good issues to cover, but I can't support a party that uses race baiting to get its base out. The homophobic stances are a problem too. It's legal for gay people to get married, get over it. Seeing Trump fall on his own big mouth must please FOX, because they've always hated him running. 

~Trump Porn:  BTW, did you know that porn companies are making porn videos involving parodies of Trump?  Who asked for this?  One video has Megan Kelly banging a black dude as Trump watches.  Why? This is not to be confused with the lovely Teanna Trump though.  No relation.  
Damn, what was I talking about? 
~The Flash: I am currently watching the final episode of season one. This show is so good and hints at bigger DC Comics concepts and characters. The Reverse Flash is a fun and interesting villain. The actor that plays him is a good as the pretend good guy/ really bad guy. There are a few annoying CW relationship parts that slow down the show, but they're on the CW. It looks like they're going to introduce the multi-verse. 
~MacGyver is coming back?: CBS, why are you digging this up? And, if you want to make the remake/reboot super bland, you hire the showrunner from NCIS. None of these shows are compelling to me (CSI or NCIS). Heck, even the last damn Law and Order is un-watchable today. I feel this remake. I wasn't a fan of the original MacGyver, but we know what happens to reboots to 80s shows right? Remember Knight Rider?

~Guy gets crushed by elevator: The elevator was stuck between floors. And, some guy tried to get out and was crushed. That's f'ed up. Didn't this happen in the first Resident Evil movie?

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