Thursday, October 08, 2015

Back to the Future tour 30 years later

Back to the Future tour 30 years later
You should have seen my face when I watched this video. I rarely smile or grin anymore, but I was grinning with pure delight. It is extremely cool to see these locations. BTTF is one of my favorite movies, and most of my friends are aware of this because I constantly quote the first two movies. And, I still call people Buttheads.
~The train location, where the time machine gets destroyed: I guess there was never a bridge there and that was painted in. Also, why didn't the train stop after smashing the time machine. It looks like the track isn't in use today, but I have to look it up to see.
~Hilldale: The grass seems to be a bit more patchy, but it looks the same. BTW, the neighborhood looks pretty good, but the movie wants you to believe it is a piece of shit.
~Marty's Home: Wow, it looks almost the same in every way. I am sure the owners really hate seeing fanboys visiting their house. I am almost certain they get the guys that come knocking asking if Marty is home.
~Twin/Lone Pine Mall: It hasn't changed in shape, but the stores are all different. I heard people come to visit the parking lot on certain nights.
~What happened to the second door?: I am a little upset the church got rid of the second door that Marty goes through after he talks to his parents. Here's the thing; that second door also hits the second Marty in the face in BTTF II. 
~Burger King is still around.  

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