Monday, August 31, 2015

Wes Craven RIP

Wes Craven RIP
From, ((The 76-year-old director passed away after a lengthy battle with brain cancer, according to The Hollywood Reporter. ))
Was Craven was the king of horror, and I fondly remember a lot of his movies. I was never a huge fan of horror movies but a lot of Craven movies were very good. Some of his movies are still in my top 20-30 movies. I'm sadden to read he had brain cancer and lost the battle.
Craven was the horror guy in the 80s, but he reinvented himself in the 90s with the Scream movies, which I highly beloved. He was a writer, director and producer. While I haven't seen everything he's directed, his stuff left a lasting impact on me and my pop culture knowledge.
 A Nightmare on Elm Street : I love this movie and it is probably the scariest movie in the series. Freddy was still serious at this movie and not the pop cultural icon. What a great movie.
New Nightmare : This movie was ahead of its time and the precursor to the Scream series.
Vampire in Brooklyn : People often forget this movie. It starred Eddie Murphy as a villain (IE vampire). There are some tonal issues with the movie, but I still liked it. I'm sure working with Eddie wasn't easy for Craven.
Scream Series: I loved the first movie, thought the second one was good, hated the third one, but thought the fourth one was good. He directed all four of them and it has his style all over them, but with him parodying his style from the 80s.
Scream 4 was the last movie he directed. It is an interesting way to end his career.

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