Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Random Stuff

Random Stuff
 ~Waiting for more news on that FF7 remake: I can't wait to see what Square has in store for the millions of fans. I know the game was unfinished. There were other things planned, but never completed. Plus, there are bad localization issues that need to be fixed. Plus the plot needs to be cleaned up. I'm hearing there will be major changes to the game though.
~Childhood: Looking back, I couldn't wait to grow up because I hated being a child. It was a lonely and trying time. I didn't have normal childhood and I hated being around other people because of my resentment toward them because they were normal I wasn't. However, I would be so enticed to grow up if I knew how mundane and stupid life would turn out.
 ~Donald Trump is an ass: The more I witness about the GOP candidates, the more I see the GOP and conservative do this clown show and make statements out of touch with the way people think. It's basically old white men clinging onto the way things were. I want more talk about smaller government and less talk about what people do in their bedroom. Less race-baiting and homophobic talk please. While I don't agree with Clinton being president, I would much rather have her than these relics. Trump is the embodiment of what the GOP is today and it is sad. It's a real shame because the left is really annoying today.
 ~Hulk Hogan: There needs to be a bigger discussion about race and interracial dating. People can be as progressive as they can be, but that all gets thrown out the window when their daughter or son dates “one of those people”. I know a lot of older white men that will be friendly to you and everything, but they have a huge problem with you dating their daughter. I never understood that because I find every race of the female side attractive. I love women and that's it. I'd date anyone if I dated. This is clearly an old man view of the world. And, don't get it twisted, some black women also have a problem with black men dating white women. White men don't have this on lock-down.
~Leaked tape from Hulk Hogan: Now, who leaked that transcript of that video? Wasn't it sealed by the courts? As much as I'd love to see Gawker go down in flames, I can't see them getting harmed by this. I think part of the reason to leak that racist portion of the tape is to limit the amount of money Hogan can have to support the lawsuit. In this battle between Hulk and Gawker, I hate them both. However, Hogan used to be my hero growing up when the WWE was the WWF.

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