Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Theodore Rex

This movie is legendary in its sheer crappiness. How can you make cop drama from a Dino and cop pairing together? Nothing good can come from this. And, it turns out it went straight to video with a near 40 million dollar budget.
Everyone has talked about this movie and I mean everyone.
The studio forced Whoopi into doing this piece of shit movie. They threatened to sue her if she didn't appear. So, she showed up to set unhappy. And, you can tell she is not happy about appearing in the movie. You can see it in every scene. And, why dress Whoopi in tight biker pants? 
And, yes, I watched this movie all the way through when it came out on video. I couldn't how bad this movie really is. I can't believe I sat through this movie, but can't finish movies like Dumb and Dumber To or The Room.
-Darker version of the script: One of the people behind the production says the script was much darker than what it turned out to be. Plus, that script was called T-Rex.
-The lead human (Whoopi's character) was supposed to be a white guy: They needed a mega star, so they changed the role to female and asked Whoopi to be in the movie because she was huge star at the time. Whoopi claimed she never agreed to appear in the film and the studio sued her for 20 million. Ouch. Things got really ugly.
-Whoopi was pissed entire time after she was forced to do the movie. She called one guy “MF'er” the whole time. Damn.

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