Saturday, August 15, 2015

Deadpool Trailer

Deadpool Trailer
This trailer kicks ass. Reynolds is prefect for the role and he played him back in that Wolverine movie years ago. Since this is set in the same X-Men universe, I am not sure where this movie fits in the overall reboot universe set in Days of Future's Past. The fans made this movie happen by demanding it since that animated trailer leaked.
For every Fantastic Four shitty decision, Fox seems to finally get the X-Men franchise right lately. I loved the last two X-Men movies and the last Wolverine movie was outstanding. Now, they just have to keep from interfering with the movie.
-Yes, Deadpool looks really ugly without his mask: I love the insults.
-Was that a Green Lateran insult? Ryan Reynolds played a GL and the movie did horribly. And, I Think that was a knock on that franchise.
-I am really digging the suit. And, I love the mask, because it looks just like the one in the book.
-Breaking the 4th wall: Yes, he does it in the trailer too. Deadpool is known to be fully aware which form of media he's and talks to the audience.
-Okay, the DMX song works here. Just don't have DMX in your movie.

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