Wednesday, August 26, 2015

So Hot, you hot

So Hot, you hot
Every time I see this commercial on at the Planet Fitness gym I laugh. I've probably see it a hundred times. They play it on the Planet Fitness channel. Here's the kicker, the version they play on their channel is edited. Because I love women, they edited out all the ass shots in the channel version, rhus making the channel version less offensive. So, every time you see their wonderful backsides, it is cut out of the broadcast versions.
I can only hope most women locker rooms are like this. They sit in their underwear and comment how hot they are. One can dream. BYW, there are women that look like this in my gym, but I don't think they do this though.
The woman in the yellow top is model Illya Biederman (Via youtube comments). The blond is Amanda Landry

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