Monday, August 17, 2015

Random Stuff

Random Stuff
 ~Being an animal person: My whole life, I've had pets. Turtles, frogs, various types of crabs, crayfish, tropical and gold fish, newts, hamsters, rats, birds, and other things. Plus, I've had a few dogs. I really got attached to the dogs. (never had a cat, but I like nice cats too) After my dog died, I really can't bring myself to get another dog, because I can't go through the pain of seeing a dog die again. I go to the local pet shops just see all the animals again, but I just can't get another pet today.
 ~Hush Puppies: What a waste of space in a meal! I got some seafood today and it came with two hush puppies. I tossed them aside like they were a couple of redheaded stepchildren. I hate these lumps of breaded shit. I usually feed them to birds or friendly cats. I hate these things so much.
 ~Josh Trank: More and more stories are coming out about the problems on the set and all the drama behind the scenes. There is another story surfacing about him nearly coming to blows with one of his stars during filming. Plus, there is that story about his dog causing thousands of dollars worth of damage. It sounds like the entire production was a disaster and the bad reviews and poor box office is just the icing on the shit cake. It's looking more and more like Fox just used this movie to retain the rights more than making a good movie. But. Trank was also a huge problem on the set.

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