Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Free Inhabitant: I don't have to obey your laws...

I don't have to obey your laws...
I am a complete outsider, but even I think she's doing too much. 
Is this bull crap a part of this new entitled crowd? Free Inhabitant movement?
Not to get too racial, but you are fully aware that if a black guy tried to pull this shit, he would have been tazed and sprayed. This cop gives this woman every opportunity to step down and shut up, but she keeps egging him on. When we see the Sandra Bland video you get a different vibe. I also think this cop knew this woman was off her meds and gave her every chance to stop.
I also don't like she's screaming rape as the officer starts to arrest her. Do you do this whenever you don't get your way?
So when the “rape” yelling doesn't work, threaten to sue and cry.
From what I can tell, this arrest happened in 2013. Does anyone know what happened to this wonderful lady?
So, what is a Free Inhabitant?
From a Quora user, ((Free inhabitants believe they are free to do whatever they want in the world without following the laws of the land. So this includes things like not having a driver's license, not getting any license plates, etc. They get this idea from taking one part of the article of confederation and basically generalizing them to include everything else so they can say they are a person of the land and thus, don't have to follow the laws. The U.S. doesn't recognize this as having any legitimacy. About the only people that do are the "free inhabitants" themselves. ))

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