Monday, August 10, 2015

Fantastic Four is a Bore?

Fantastic Four is a Bore? 
 Man, did the new reboot FF really shit up the bed. I heard the Kevin Smith podcast detailing director Josh Trank journey from Chronicle to Fantastic Four. Smith tried and tried to pump the movie up, but the movie is a mess and no one went to see it.
Here's the kicker, Trank pretty much jumped ship and threw FF movie under the bus.
From Trank's Twitter, ((A year ago I had a fantastic version of this. And it would've received great reviews. You'll probably never see it. That's reality though.))
If the bad reviews and poor Box Office take weren't enough, Trank's tweet put this movie in the ground. He had such a glowing view of the movie when he did Smith's podcast. Now, it seems the trouble behind the scenes and reshoots were true. And, the rumors of Trank being replace seem to also be true.
Plus, it looks like all this trouble on this set got him kicked off a Star Wars project too. Ouch
From, ((Even though major reshoots were undertaken to create a more action-oriented conclusion, the pair denied rumors that Trank had been effectively dismissed from Fantastic Four while Kinberg and the studio retooled the climax in a bid to save a movie they saw as a catastrophe in the making ))
Fox put up this wall of lies pretending the movie wasn't in trouble. Now, it has blown up in their faces. Marvel and Fox aren't the best of friends right now, so you will probably not see the FF (Fox) tie in with the Marvel Universe (Disney).
Now, it looks like this reboot of FF might have been used to retain the rights. While they booted off the scheduled FF2 movie, they want to keep the rights to the franchise. I think it is to just to piss off Marvel.


MC said...

Someone on Twitter was telling me that Fox wants to make a X-Men live action series, but Marvel has control over that, and Marvel would love to have some of its most iconic villains back from the FF properties.

Even though they hate each other, there may be some business going on between them in the future.

Semaj said...

You know you do bring up a good point. Fox does own the rights to some of the better villians from their comic line. It would be nice to see them get some of those villians back. I just think the hatred between to the two studios is hard for both studios to get pass.

Marvel even killed off the cast of the FF reboot in one of their comics just to dig at Fox.

Maybe there will be a similiar deal like the one with Sony.

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