Wednesday, September 25, 2013

MIA vs NFL: Drop the lawsuit (Drop it like it's hot)

Oh, wow, you flipped the bird.  I don't care.  Now go away.  
I hate MIA. And to tell you the truth, the paper planes song isn't that impressive. I've always found her to be very crude and rude for no other than to get attention. She's what is wrong with current pop music today. Most people had forgotten about her since her small comeback with her Paper Planes being used in many movies, but Madonna brought her back for a song in a Super Bowl performance.
She flipped the bird, and everyone flipped out. She only did it receive more attention.  And, everyone fell for her ploy. 
Now, well over a year later, the NLF has decided to sue her. From NY Daily News, ((Citing a breach of her performance contract, the league's legal team has demanded $1.5 million in damages from the musician. ))
I know that the NFL is looking for a scapegoat to pen it on, but this only gives MIA more media attention. It is something that she thrives on. I find this more detestable than her throwing up the middle finger.
Hell, I even side with MIA on this issue. Throwing up a single finger isn't that offensive as say some of the moves of cheerleaders and dancers. Why are you seeking a lawsuit now? It's water under or over the bridge. It makes no sense.
People shouldn't be discussing MIA anymore.
NFL, drop the lawsuit, and MIA will quickly go back into the woodwork.

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