Thursday, October 26, 2017

Random Things

Random Things
~I not doing that well mentally, but I am getting through it.
~Polygon editor goes after Nintendo: As much as I hate Polygon, he is partly right about Nintendo. The big N is set in its ways and doesn't understand that the gaming world has changed.  
However, he shouldn't have attacked the fans. The best part is he didn't lose his save file. Perhaps, you shouldn't tweet as much. When you get mad, think before tweeting.  I love that he had a meltdown and then realized he didn't need to have said meltdown. ReviewTech is right that the gaming press is going to cover his back. I've noticed this a lot this year. The Alex Mauer story wasn't really covered by the press either.  You would think the gaming press would get tired of just writing about how hard is Cuphead. If it was a YT journo, we would see story after story about it.
~George HW Bush and that groping thing: Wow, I guess George is a dirty old man that gives him an excuse to grab onto women. This really bothers me, because people can throw it under the bridge due to him being an old man in a wheelchair. It kind of reminds me of that Taylor Swift photo incident where that DJ grabbed her ass.  I kind of liked HW Bush and this has changed the way I look at him.  

~Kellogg has some explaining to do?: Someone called out Kellogg for having one of their boxes and noticed one of the only one corn character was brown and the rest were yellow. The brown one was a janitor. Okay, it is probably a bit racist, but is it really something we should be concerned with given the real racism going on around the world? I can call it out, but I want to be more focused in on the skinhead that rams his car into people than a damn brown corn cartoon character. Come on people stay focused on meaningful things. Damn, do I hate twitter. Actual racism teaches racism to kids. Is it racist? Yes, but we have bigger issues in race relations to deal with than a shitty corn character.

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