Thursday, November 02, 2017

I had a dream...lame

I went to bed and had a dream. I had a dream co-starring this fine lady.

Yes, I had a dream about Belladonna. She was a famous pornstar from the early 2000s. For some reason, she popped into my dream world. Here's the kicker; I didn't have sex with her in my dream. She came over to my place and slept in my bed because she had to go to work in the morning. She got up and left my room and disappeared from my house to whatever “work” she had to do.  There were no sex scenes or anything during this dream. 
Even in my dreams, I am a beta-cuck that can't even pull the trigger in the dream world. I've watched Belladonna in many scenes over the years and fully know how she looks naked. Not even my dreams do I  a sex drive to make the dream narrative any different than a damn glorified sleepover.  And, I am actually okay with her just crashing in my bed and leaving the next morning.  
In the dream world, you can be a warrior or a king of a universe.  You can be the star of your own stories, but all I can dream about is a retired pornstar sleeping in my bed and nothing else.  
What's next I have a spot of tea with Aurora Snow? Will I share snacks with Riley Reid?

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