Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Throw out your trash

Throw out your trash
I've been fascinated with DSP for a while now. Just like a giant turd, He manages to stay afloat. This new reveal that his former girlfriend left a bunch of shit in his big house amuses me. It now seems she left rather quickly and didn't want to come back. He also did a video where he bragged about canceling her cell phone plan, which he was still paying for after the breakup.
I love that he still has tons of her stuff in her house and he refuses to get up and get rid of it. There is something funny about the fact he had spoiled soap rotting in a room.
Over time, it has come out that the break up wasn't mutual and that they were still friends. He made a statement that it WAS mutual and they remained friends. Hmm.
From his Twit-longer, (( This is a personal matter between us dealing with behind-the-scenes occurrences/feelings that, quite frankly, are nobody's business but our own. I wish Leanna the best (I still talk with her regularly) and we'd both appreciate it if you'd respect our privacy on this matter. As in, don't bother asking for details, because you won't get them. In fact, this is probably the only time Ill really address it, as I'd prefer to move  ))
If he wasn't such an asshole, I'd feel bad for him. I honestly believed he did love Panda Lee. However, he mistreated and ignored her in the later years that I am shocked she took it for so long. Now, he's refusing to leave that big old house that lives in alone and move back to the empty condo he also owns. This is sad.  

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