Saturday, November 30, 2013

Random Things

Random Things
~North Korea gets an apology from an 85 year old guy for war crimes: Wow, NK, what does that say about you that you let a old man bully you around? Anyway, we know its all bullshit. He was a tourist in the country for about ten days. Just as he was about to leave, they arrested him for crimes against Korea. I find it shocking that Americans would even go to the country considering they can arrest you for anything and everything. The amusing part is the apology was written in broken English and he read it word for misguided word. 
Make sure to watch the Vice Guide to NK. It is revealing. 

~Black Friday becomes Red Friday: Why do people put themselves in these situations just to get 20% off overpriced bullshit to begin with? I simply can't understand the fascination with rushing into the door with other people right behind you. One woman ended up getting arrested. How's that for the holidays? 
 ~Boardwalk Empire Season Finale: Now, this was an amazing episode. There were some shocking deaths in this episode and some that didn't happen. I also like the Al Capone storyline and where they are taking it for the next season. Johnny Torrio is out as the big boss and Capone is in. Chalky White is a great character and this season has been huge for him.

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