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Waitress Lied about rude non-tip?

Waitress Lied about rude non-tip?
Regardless how you feel about gay people or racism from customers, is it right to donate money to them because someone treated them rudely? There are horrible people that will refuse tip because you're black or gay, but some of these are hoaxes. 
 It bothers me that now waitresses and waiters are now fashioning their own sob stories online in order to get someone people to donate to them. If you remember, people donated to that young black waitress from Red Lobster because she allegedly received a racist note on the return check. 
 From, ((People began sending money, totaling about $2,000, some of which she said she would donate to a nonprofit that helps disabled veterans. ))
That's a lot of money to give out to someone that was “treated” badly. Does that mean every person that's been a victim of bullying or racism on a verbal or notation level deserves a pay out? It bothers me when people do this when there isn't any physical or property damage. Fine, put the check online, if it is real, but don't anticipate money.
Now, it looks like Dayna has a history of lying about things. And, now the military is saying she never completed her reservist obligations, but she was in the Marines. She was dishonorably discharged from the Marines
 Hmm, it looks like some fuzzy math to me. 
Creating a bogus uproar takes away from actual racism or homophobia. This is what bothers me about these stories. Give money to the gay person that gets beat up but not because someone left a little note on a check. You're going to keep getting people like this. They are going to take advantage of people's good will in order to make a quick buck. 
Now, people on the far right are going to use this as an attack against all gay people.
The family Dayna did this ugly thing to needs an apology from her. On the Karma side, she is no longer on the work schedule at the restaurant. Plus, the restaurant is now starting their own investigation on the issue. 

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