Tuesday, December 31, 2013

KDOC New Year's calamity (KDOC First Night aka Last Night)

KDOC New Year's calamity (KDOC First Night aka Last Night)
They kept taking this video down and it kept coming back up. I blogged about this incident earlier in the year. Jamie Kennedy seems to be one of the worst comedians in the world. He leeches himself to some of the worst projects known to man or alien. Looking at his IMDB page is like looking at profit report for the N-Gage. It is a losing battle, yet he's been keeping very busy though.  I'd like to see Kennedy actually do something interesting or funny again. (He was good in that Will Smith movie)
Yes, I just compared Jamie to the N-Gage.  WTF? 
Last New Year's Eve special was considered one of the worst specials ever.
Kennedy, being the man that loves being encased in shit projects, claimed that it was all done on purpose in order to be the worst New Year's Eve special. And, he claimed there would be another show the upcoming year (2013-14).
Well, it looks like KDOC isn't on the same page as Kennedy, because they're not bringing back their Kennedy-filled special this year. It's like cleaning up a wound from infection. Why would you want to infect it again?
Come to discover, sponsors got very mad with the channel. And, the channel producer now let it be known that the disaster wasn't planned at all. And, one channel even pulled the special after 60 minutes, and that was a smart move on their part. Kennedy tried to cover his ass by saying, “I meant to do that”, after falling down (Pee-Wee).
Oh, and you can thank Patton Oswalt for turning this video viral. That's what the wiki page says. Yes, this calamity has a wiki page.

Sadly, we won't see history repeat itself this year, which is a shame.  Damn you, KDOC!


MC said...

When people talk about trainwreck television, that is exactly what they are talking about. It is so bad, but you can't look away.

Semaj said...

Yeah, not even that McHale VGX awards thing can hold a candle to this mess. I mean Jamie Kennedy as host? Really? Plus Comm troubles, you're just asking for trouble.

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