Monday, December 02, 2013

Lady Gaga, I just not that into you...or too old

 Lady Gaga, I just not that into you...
I went to Spotify and noticed a suggestion for Lady Gaga because people in my area have been listening to the new Gaga album. I clicked on it just because I was curious. I really couldn't finish it. Most of the tracks sounded bad. Some of her singing isn't that bad, but the “slamming” electronic techno beats are really distracting. Some tracks are borderline dub step which I truly loathe.
I understand she has a certain fan base she plays to and manipulates, but this is manufacturing the music for that fan base instead of creating music organically. “Look, I am your spokeswoman” comes out clear in each track with the heavy beats.  
Here are some highlights or low lights
-She sings about masturbating. Nothing ground breaking here. You can make a genre out of masturbating songs from females (starting with “Love to love you”)
-She sings about Venus...the planet.
-She has a song with TI Twista and Too Short. Where has Too Short been? “Jewels N' Drugs”: Sounds like everything else in the current hip-hop charts.
-She does a song with R-Kelly. This song is okay because the overpowering techno beats and bass don't take over the song. R-Kelly isn't bad either. He doesn't sing about pissing Gaga to boot.
All the music sounds like farting beats of the 2013's music mixed with techno music from the 90s. It seems Gaga can't make up her mind which era she wants to copy and repeat. Both are painful to listen to. Most of the album is this annoying dance techno shit that I can't sit through, so I kept skipping most of the tracks.
Then I came to the realization that I am too old for this shit. Pop music has gotten so dance-trance-Euro that I can't relate to it anymore. It truly sounds like robots having an orgy in each track she produces along with every other music act today. Even hip-hop has this dance slant to it now and it is starting to bothering me.
It used to be a time when pop, R&B and Hip-Hop had a sound all its own in the North America. That's not the case anymore.  It is all sounding the same that some clever DJ could make a major mega mix without much trouble.  

This passes for pop music now?   

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