Monday, December 16, 2013

Random Things (The Cat and Dog edition)

Random Things
~How and why are cats domesticated?: While I am a dog person, I do love friendly cats. I love the cats that come up to you and demand to be petted and picked up. That usually means someone gave this cat a lot of attention when they were a kitten. There were these two cats that lived near my Grandmother's house. Where as dogs became a part of the “pack” when living with humans, how did cats come to be domesticated? They say that cats came from the farmer portions of human development, where dogs came from hunters.
Ya, digging for gold up there, Chris?  
~Chris Brown still in trouble: I remember he threw a rock at his mother's car, knocking out a window, while he was in rehab for anger management. That sort of defeats the purpose of rehab when you preform the act that got you in there. That's like a member of AA drinking just outside the meeting. This guy is going to seriously hurt someone...again.
Taste the rainbow. 
~Khloe Kardashian already picking another sports star: The ink on the divorce papers is not even dry and the “ugly one” is all ready to stake her claim on another sports star. How does someone so substandard get some much sausage? Is her lady parts made out of lucky charms and rainbows? I am a substandard guy myself, so I know what I am talking about when no one wants to get with you.  You don't have chicks lining up to be with you. 
~Brian the dog returns: I knew it wasn't a long-term thing. He came back in true superhero fashion via time travel. I might just watch this episode. So, does that mean those three episodes didn't happen and were erased from the time line?  

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