Saturday, December 07, 2013

Sisqo: Thong Song Remix (Foxy Brown)

Sisqo: Thong Song Remix (Foxy Brown)
Whoa, the remix has 40% more thong than the actual original music video. There is a lot more sexual content in this version than the original too. I'm certain this one didn't see much daytime viewing. The only difference in this version of the song is the added rap by Foxy Brown.
Sisqo: "Yes, ladies, that is what they call a 'rib cage'." 
The makers of The Nutty Professor II: The Klumps tied this version of the song to their soundtrack. When I think of thongs and half naked women, I think of Eddie Murphy in different makeup get-ups. Smooth move there, studio (not).  And,Klumps II was aimed more toward the entire family than the first film, so I find this added song puzzling.  
I do remember a version of this video with some of the Klumps taking stage, but I can't find that version anywhere.
~Remember when Foxy Brown was the sexy one out of the two famous female rappers at the time? While Brown is a bit heavier today, she's fared much better than Lil Kim has. Kim has turned into a cat creature with all the face lifts .
~Wedding-dress-underwear combo: I really like the outfit that white girl is wearing.
~Half School Girl skirt: Yes, there is a lady literally wearing a half school girl skirt. I am impressed.  I like it a lot.

~The Big Show!: Yeah, the large wrestler The Big Show makes a cameo appearance.   WWE and WCW were at their height of popularity at this point in time.  So, added a wrestler to anything gave you a boost.   

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