Saturday, December 14, 2013

Tila Tequila Update (?): She's a Nazi?

 Tila Tequila Update (?)
Tila, it's not cute anymore. Now, it is down right pathetic and dangerous. She is basically going around the Internet posting pictures of her donning a Nazi outfit. Her desperate need for attention has taken her down a stupid and dark road that I think she doesn't even understand.

Like the porn video, which she commissioned, this is just another foolish attempt to stay relevant, even though no one cares about her. This is what happens to reality stars once their fame has faded. Like a bad cast of warts, she just won't go away.
Wearing that Nazi outfit not only disrespects every minority, but even herself. She's too stupid to realize this. Her ethnic background is Singaporean and she doesn't realize under Nazi/Imperial Japanese rule, she would be subjected to harsh conditions. In you want to know what would be in store for Non-Japanese/German people in Singapore just look up the Sook Ching massacre.
That's like me dressing up in a KKK outfit and claiming that KKK was right along.

Luckily, the Internet has enough of her and is lashing back at her. Heck, she's been banned from Facebook for 30 days. I'm all about free speech, but this is clearly a marketing stunt on her part to get back in the limelight due to her lack of talent. I just hope they all ignore her next time she tries to pull another stunt.   
However, I'll keep you updated because I've been following this loon for years on my blog.  

If you want to hear some really shitty music, listen to this.  

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