Saturday, December 14, 2013

Kmart, who knew they were so hip and funny?

 Kmart, who knew they were so hip and funny?
 "Ball Busting" funny? 
I remember viewing K-Mart as being sort of lame (for really old people) with their creepy Blue Light Special. But, lately they've been stepping up.
For some time now, K-Mart has really stepped up their advertising brand with interesting and strange ads. Like the one above, they've really pushed what can be seen as “good taste”. I kind of like the “ball ringing” ad with the Joe Boxer thing.
Then, I have to give them credit for the strange remix of their ship my pants with Charles Dickens.

If I am not careful, I'll ship my own pants.   

When I typed in Jingle Balls 2013, this picture popped up.  I was honestly looking for a picture of the Joe Boxer ad and not some strange Xmas fetish.  By the way, 
I could make a milk and cookies or eggnog joke, but I won't.  
Wait, what is she doing with that candy cane?  

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