Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Bus Driver Kicks some butt again...

Bus Driver Kicks some butt again...
I remember the movie Get on the Bus.  I guess this is the sequel.  
“Get off the bus!” What is it with bus drivers and kicking ass? There have to be a hundred videos of bus drivers beating down someone. And, I understand that you're going to be dealing with some crazy and drunk people, but there seems to be a heightened anger involved with bus drivers.  They're ready to go to 12 on a scale of 1-10.  
For a 61 year old bus driver, this guy moves pretty fast.

The bus driver should have handled it better. And, I am not going to lie and say Iwouldn't react in the differently way if someone spat in my face, but he should have called the cops right after the guy refused to leave the bus. That would have solved a lot of your problems Now, this bus driver has lost his job and is being charged with assault. This passenger isn't worth it, brother.  

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