Saturday, December 21, 2013

22 Jump Street trailer (Red Band)

22 Jump Street trailer (Red Band)
Okay, that really broke the 4th wall a few times didn't it? They even mention the “reboot” within the context of the movie and the franchise. They was pretty clever.  "No one gave a shit about your 21 reboot."
oh, and you better believe some of this trailer will not be in the final movie.  
I loved the first movie because it was so self-aware and funny.
So, they're moving the team to college.
-Coed bathrooms?: Is that really a thing? I keep seeing this in movies, but I am almost sure this doesn't happen.  Please tell me this is a thing?  
-Level of shut up: I've met people just like this in libraries. Watch Channing and Seth mouth “Shut the fuck up” together.

Here's the cleaner version, which isn't that much cleaner actually. They get away with a lot of stuff.

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