Thursday, December 05, 2013

Archie Comics CEO WTF?

Archie Comics CEO WTF?
Anyone woman that randomly shouts “Penis! Penis!” is someone I'd like to date. All jokes aside, I hope this isn't true for her sake. From Bleeding Cool, ((co-CEO of Archie Comics, is being accused of gender discrimination by male employees. Reports say she has referred to  male employees as “penis” instead of by name.  ))
Is this a crazy feminist or a horny woman? Or both? This is probably the most people have been talking about Archie Comics in a long time, but it is not in a good light. Now, every time I see Betty I am going to think, “Penis. Penis, Penis!”
Betty and Veronica:  At this point, don't we all just want these two to get it on already?  
The employees suing her are asking for over 30 million. I am sorry that's too high even for sexual harassment.
Also, this CEO has had a history of legal problems with the company. From NY Daily, ((But her fellow CEO, Jonathan Goldwater, filed suit seeking her ouster her in 2011, charging she was unstable and threatening to run the company into the ground. ))

For the record, I have no problem if someone referred to me as Penis as if it were my given name, Nancy. Now, get me a job at Archie Comics.
For poops and laughs, here's a panel from the Archie vs Punisher crossover. 

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