Friday, December 13, 2013

Random Things

 Random Things
~Sons of Anarchy Season End: Wow, they've killed off a lot of main characters this season. And, this closing episode for this season was no different. They killed off Maggie Siff's character after all these season. She receives a bloody ending just like Clay did earlier in the season. At this point, Jax has turned into Clay given all the backhanded side deals and murders. Did I mention how great Jimmy Smits' character is on the show?
~Been very busy with double shifts at work, so working on the blog might be spotty for a few weeks. While I hate my job, it helps me from turning inward onto negative and depressing thoughts. Basically, it keeps me busy.
~Khloé Kardashian and Lamar Odom are splitting up: Did anyone not see this coming? Once you stop making money, a Kardashian will stop dating or be married to you. Instead of hanging in there in addiction state and recovery, she is calling it quits. She basically cashing in her chips and taking him for a large sum of money. You have to love the phoney nature of that family. Mr. West, you better watch your back. I've always wrote that you shouldn't get married if you are rich man or woman. I guess two ugly people were meant for each other...
~Ron Jones Composer: I've been listening to Jones' albums (TNG scores) on Spotify and I've been loving going down memory lane with his music. I love his score to “Who Watches the Watchers?”. It is a wonderful score. You might see his name listed as the main composer on Family Guy and American Dad. Make sure to check out his website for more music.   

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