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Sisqo: Thong Song

Sisqo: Thong Song
Because of all this stupid Twerking and bull crap, I decided to look back at the song that infected the rest of the music videos we have today with The Thong Song...
Hmm, I wonder what happened to Sisqo? People often forget that he was a member of a R&B group Dru Hill before breaking out on his own...with people forgetting the other members in his group. He really hit it off with this tribute to thongs. I literally remember everyone singing this song.  It was hot for a minute. 
In many ways, this was the restart of the “booty shaking” music videos, because we get a lot of shots of female rear ends in the video. He released (unleashed) this song on us around 1999.  Many songs followed it with more graphic booty videos. 
Okay, the classical strings in the song are very cool and put to good use, but the lyrics are very generic and sometime laughable. The strings come from the cover song Eleanor Rigby by Wes Montgomery. And, that song is extremely good so take a listen.
“She had dumps like a truck.” Yeah, that sounds just as sexy as “lovely lady lumps”.
Like I wrote, the strings are pretty good and even the computer beeping beat is a nice touch. Most people will find this song and video tame by today's standards, considering the camera would be all “up in that shit” with close ups.
Sisqo, where are you?
~Thongs?: Where are the actual thongs in the video, Sisqo? For a song about ass-floss there is little of the real product in the video. I am sure they did this to keep the video from getting pushed to late-night on MTV, back when they showed videos. Given all the ass-shaking (quaking) in today's videos, this is rather tame by comparison. (By the way, there are women wearing thongs way in the background if you look closely, and I did.)
~Was the opening scene with his “daughter” necessary or even funny? It just comes across as being creepy. By the way, is that the little girl's mother in bed with Sisqo? Perhaps, it was just some random whore he bedded...with his daughter in the other room (WTF?).
~Hot Dog Imagery: That's very subtle
~The Dru Hill guys do have appearances in the video.
~LL Cool J has a cameo too.

~Sisqo has super powers: He not only can stomp really hard, but he's able to leap over 20 half naked women in a single bound.   

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