Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Kim Jung-un kills his Uncle

 Kim Jung-un kills his Uncle
Talk about hardcore. First, it was his former girlfriend and now his uncle.
Generally speaking, NK is a closed country, so no one knows what goes on in there. However, Kim made sure people knew about Jang Song-thaek's death that's for sure. I am thinking this was a clear warning sign to China to keep its influences out of NK, because Jang had close ties with China and their trade leaders. China's been very mum about the news.
From, ((Kim had ordered his 67-year-old uncle to give up control of lucrative businesses, especially seafood farms previously run by the military, but the elder refused, according to a report by The New York Times on Tuesday. ))
That's right it seems it was over shellfish. I think it was probably over diversifying the NK market in the same manner as China by not having the army control everything. Smelling the money with China, I am sure Kim's uncle wanted to change the Military First policy and go to a more open trade policy with China.
Things got heated when the military attempted to take over the fish farms and Jang's people fought back.
So, how much did Kim hate his uncle? Rumor has it they used anti-aircraft machine guns to kill off Jang. Ouch.
Kim is a dangerous person. I find it strange that Denis Rodman calls this guy a friend. Rodman , you're a dick.
And with this dreaded post, Marry Christmas!

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