Thursday, November 21, 2013

Kevin Terry Gospel Singer with leaked gay tape

Kevin Terry Gospel Singer with leaked gay sex tape
Why are the most religious and conservative people the ones most likely to be deep in the closet? Why would you let someone tape you having sex if you're in the closet and famous?  It just doesn't make sense.  
I do have a problem with someone talking one way and being something completely different behind doors when people go to him for spiritual support.  Be with whoever you want, but be careful about preaching honesty and faith when you're hiding something this big.  
I had the same problem with Creed, given the lead singer had a tape released (straight). 
The sad fact of the matter most of his religious followers are going to drop him like a bad habit. Keep in mind that he has aggressively tried to remove all videos of this incident too from the net. I think he's more worried about his revenue stream drying up than actually coming out, which probably explains why he's just quoting Scripture after the scandal broke. Come on, dude. There are many closeted gay people that would like to see even someone in a religious community come out just make them feel a little bit better.  

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