Wednesday, April 11, 2018

TCAP Dude gets mad...

Someone was butthurt about being featured in a reaction video...
He was one of the creeps caught on To Catch a Predator. Despite breaking the law, he decided to send the above YouTuber a copyright claim/strike as a form of a weapon because this CG guy didn't like what the TY person had to say about him. I've heard other YT'ers getting community strikes against their channels whenever they make fun of these predators so I wouldn't put it past this TCAP dude to throw out a cheap copyright attack. And, I know that there is a predator element that does mass flagging of people that attack them.
It seems this guy, to put it mildly, decided to go on a copyright striking spree. He was the old dude that brought his CD to the TCAP sting.
I won't embed the video on my blog, but here is the “song” to endure or listen to. This song is beyond creepy and downright cringe-worthy. Here's the thing, CG, what you did was more than a thought crime. He admits this song is about his appearance on a certain in a roundabout way. And, if you want to hear some sheer creepiness, check out the titles to his other songs.
Yes, these are creepy titles once you know about him. And, his songs are shit.
Roan Martin on the YT video said, ((Steven, learn fair use. He used a 5-second clip of your song. No one would want to steal your shity ass song.))
frylock456 ((What his cellmate would sing to him each night before stretching his ass clean open.))ing.

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