Monday, April 30, 2018

The Murder Incident (Part 1) (A Ray of Doubt)

The Murder Incident (Part 1)
Having to deal with depression over the years, this story has been popping up back in my head over and over. I’ve become more withdrawn from co-workers and no longer care about people or bother to learn their names. However, I will never get as bad as Ray. For some reason, this story has come back to my
I am going to delete the original post I made, which got me in a lot of trouble.
I worked with Ray for about two-three years. I watched him go from being a cool guy to hang out with to a paranoid guy that was consumed with people talking or mocking him. He distanced himself from the rest of the crew and started to behave in strange ways. Not only was he making threatening comments to people around him. He was making the female co-workers uncomfortable.
I heard stories about him getting off from work and waiting for co-workers to get off too and confronting them in the parking lot. That meant he was waiting for guys to leave work between 20-60 minutes. He waited and threatened them. Most of us thought of this an uneasy, but harmless because he would back down if you talked to him directly. This should have been a red flag for him upping his violence. We just shrugged it off and didn't know any better. It should also be that many of the people dealing with him were in their 20s.
I had an encounter with him where he wanted to “meet me in the parking lot”. He gave this chilling expression of hatred toward me that seemed to be the peak of his anger. After watching him get more and more paranoid, I stopped talking to him. For some reason, this pissed him off even more. I considered him a cool dude early on and now looked to me as if I was an enemy. He shoved aside some items and walked back to his work area in pure anger.
The constant mumble rude things and threats got to me. I had enough and reported him. Everyone was thankful.
They transferred him to another area. He ended up having problems with other people. He had to take anger management classes. However, he caused too many issues and the company had to let him go. I was not aware of that fact. Years would pass.
One day, a bunch of co-workers came up to me.
Did you know Ray shoot and murdered somebody?” one person asked.
Yeah, he straight up shot a guy and he is in jail.”
What?” I asked in total shock.
People gave me more details about this incident.
This was back in 2006, so smartphones weren’t in use everywhere. There was a sense of dread in my head. I knew this guy and witnessed the guy’s crazy drama. Something led him to murder. What happened?
I looked up the news reports and wrote a blog about it...

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