Monday, April 23, 2018

The Truman Show (behind, the behind the scenes.)

The Truman Show (behind, the behind the scenes.) 
I was listening to the fan commentary and I decided to look up some of the deleted scenes from the movie.  I knew that a lot of the movie was shaped in the editing room.  One of the biggest edits in the movie is from this interview/documentary section in the middle.  I knew that they cut a lot of the interview.  I didn't know that put most of the cut footage into a fake Behind the Scene show within the show during a Nic at Nite special to promote the movie.   
Heck, even the trailer has an alt-scene at the end that wasn't used in the final cut.  Even some of the BTS stuff isn't the full amount, because some of it shows up in various trailers.  
-His childhood friend was really his friend starting out:  It is revealed that Marlon was a child actor and his parents lied to him and believed that he was in the real world.  When did Marlon learn that he was in the fake world?  This makes it even more twisted that he tricks his "friend" all the time with buddy moments. There is a deleted scene where Marlon regrets his role tricking Truman.
-The Twin Old dudes are producers:  This clears up the reason why they take charge of the search for Truman in the final act.  Actually, in real life, these two twins were police officers for the movie set.  The director liked them so much that he added them movie.   
-More about his fake wife(Laura Linney ):  This special spells out that she does have sex with him and she gets paid a lot of money for the sex scenes.  Truman had a choice of women to date, but she threw herself at him and it wasn't a decision from the producers.  Most of the crew and the fan base hate her and are happy when she leaves the show in the show.  This also adds to the fact she really hates Truman.  BTW, she is one of the richest women in the world due to her longtime stint on the Truman show.   
-The producer/director Christof is more like Steve Jobs:  It is revealed he is stranger and darker than he appears to be in the movie.  He also doesn't like showing Truman pooping and peeing or having sex.  So, there is a bit of respect there.  Many of the actors on the show don't really like Christof.  Plus, he threatens to fire the actors when they ask for more money and write them out via storylines (cancer).  Does that mean Truman's father was fired for asking for too much?   
-The lawnmower scenes are outtakes from Jim Carrey clearly. 
-The main cast is stuck on the set with Truman:

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