Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Corey Feldman and that stabbing

Corey Feldman and that stabbing
Yes, I believe he and his friend Corey Haim were molested. There is too much proof of that. However, you have to take everything that Corey says currently with a grain of salt. He is so out of it that this might be an attempt at getting some more money because his music career is at a standstill and no one is going to hire him on a movie set.
From Kansas, ((LAPD officer Drake Madison told ABC News that Feldman was stopped at an intersection Tuesday night when an unknown male approached the driver's side — Feldman was driving — made a stabbing motion toward the actor's stomach and fled. Police say Feldman drove himself to a hospital. ))
Yeah, this feels more like gang-stalking than a real event. I think he's a bit too mental to realize it was all made up in his dreams. Plus, you don't send out a tweet after the attack with a photo of you in the ER. The police have flat out denied the stabbing occurred. If he did fake this, I hope he gets fit with the bill for the investigation. Anyway, I am not saying he lied but stop all the nonsense. You are 46 years old and lucky to be alive given your lifestyle.

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