Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Spoony, come back

This weekend, I decided to re-watch a bunch of Spoony's old videos from his earlier from his reviewer time. His DOA movie review is brilliantly funny. He influenced the way I reviewed movies, especially bad movies. It is amazing to watch him go downhill. And, it is interesting that I am going through some major depression issues just like Spoony. Yet, I really don't have the same support like he did to keep him to create creative things.
It is a real shame to see him in his current state. He longer does review, but just sits there and stares at video games under his banner of Live Wire.
He also started to become a Twitter addict and only ranted about Trump for days. Here's the problem; people didn't pay you money to send out tweets. People liked your personality and your videos. He doesn't understand that people were paying him 5K a month for his reviews and not paying him to tweet about Trump. So, his Patreon went from 5K to 514 bucks in the span of two-three years. That's a big decline.
The kicker is he was recently kicked off Twitter for good. So, he has no reason not to get back to making good videos again. Yet, he is still making these boring Live Wire vids. And, his last Live Wire was three weeks ago.
Like DSP and Chris Chan, he now refuses to go out and get a real job. So, he sinks into more depression and bills.
It is time for him to get some help and get back to being entertaining and stop using social media. 

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