Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Hot Problems revisited

Hot Problems revisited
When I think of Hot Problems, I believe it deals with things like fire or fire.
For some reason, this stupid song popped into my head. This “song” came out in 2012. This was before everyone started shouting at each other and calling everything problematic. I think this is an STD of the Friday song. It is a really bad song, but the music is actually worse than the “singing”.
This is the theme song for every popular girl in high school.  For each "hot girl" that peaked in HS.  
From the Wiki page, (("We don't think that we're that hot," the teens told ABC regarding their lyrics. Garrett and Willey also told ABC that they are "open" to careers as songwriters.[6] The teens stated that they made the song because they wanted something funny to show to their friends and didn't mean anything from it. “We knew that we couldn’t actually sing, so we decided to go for more of a talking singing,” Garrett told the media outlet ))
In 2018, the song has 19K dislikes. Well done, Double Take. I do believe they were making this song for the lulz and troll bait. I believe these two girls were still in high school when they made this shitty song.
So, what did Double Take do after Hot Problems? They made a few more songs before fading away with Grumpy Cat. It seems like the Double Take crew is still around via Twitter.  

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