Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Toys R US: You will be missed

Toys R US: You will be missed
I remember the song and the ads. Heck, I still sing the "From bikes to trains to video games". The megastore chain is going out if business. I really enjoyed going to a Toy R Us because it was the Wal-Mart of toys. I would go through the boys' section and check out the new Transformers and GI Joe toys. I also remember spinning many hours roaming through the stores and looking at all the new toys. TRU had a warehouse feel to it.
Like Blockbusters, The mega toy store just couldn't keep up with the times. Plus, the demographics of toy buying has changed. More grown men with neck-beards collect toys than actual kids playing with them. Kids play video games more than toys. However, I think kids are missing something without playing with actual toys.
I don't wanna grow up.
Because I had a not-so-great childhood, toys were my gateway into imagination.  And, Toy R US was a great place to buy toys.  However, toys can't compete against video games though so even I have to admit that.  
Anyway, here a story about the woman that wrote the song to the Toys R Us song.

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