Sunday, February 18, 2018

Chris Chan: A Comprehensive History

While I didn't become a trans-woman, I actually have a similar background to Chris Chan. I had developmental problems growing up. There were times when I had to learn to communicate and learn things with special teachers. I had a lot of trouble as a kid, so I had serious social issues and that in turn made it difficult for me work and get along with others. While Chris Chan latched onto women as a protection blanket, I tended for myself. I find Chris to be a fascinating subject because it was probably a road I could have went down.
This is a new documentary that goes into more detail about Chris Chan's life than the other one. I hope the other parts go into his homophobic and racist beliefs. Chris went from hating gays and blacks into turning into a wannabe SJW with really apologizing for the mean things he wrote. It should be noted that he mistrusted the black kids at the Pokmon gaming store that they kicked him out for good.
Now, he spouts out things like, “Check your privilege.” Asshole, you're the guy that refuses to work and takes government checks every month. Part of the other problem with Chris is he hasn't worked in years. Keep in mind his last job was working for Wendy's. Wendy's fired his ass. He basically got into it with his co-workers.
He's taken on this tarn-sexual identity while cutting himself off from the rest of the world as the credit card bills pile up with his mountains of toys. He refuses to face reality. He won't have anything when his mother dies and will probably have to be put in a home of some type.

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